Thoeun had a trust fund which is now being used to pay for educational work in Cambodia, starting with the construction of village schools. It will also provide a focus for fund raising by his student colleagues, his many friends around the world and, hopefully, the wider community. We don't want to stop at just one school. Our aim is to go on to fund a variety of projects; from secondary classrooms to much needed libaries and to scholarships which will enable bright village children to progress into further education. And we are always open to suggestions. Because our overriding aim is for Thoeun's legacy to be of genuine and lasting use to a new generation of young Cambodians.

Thoeun's Trust is working closely with Tabitha, a long-established Cambodian charity based in Phnom Penh but with representatives in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Singapore. You can visit them on

Children at our first completed school