Pulakam Primary School, Rovieng District

We are delighted to announce that Thoeun's Trust has part-funded a fourth school after pooling resources with charities Sophan Kith and Tabitha Australia. The new Pulakam Primary school in Robeah Commune opened at the end of 2016. Even the pupils contributed by doing a bit of gardening. Here are a few photos...

The new buildings replaced a decrepit bamboo and thatch structure. It was in such a rotten state that its' 300 pupils were having to be taught in a single room regardless of age or grade. The school now has six smart classrooms furnished with desks and blackboards as well as toilet blocks and a well. The intake is expected to rise to 350 children.

Pulakam Village School is quite remote and the local roads are in a very poor state of repair. Fortunately the parents offered to help improve them and to carry in materials.

Here are a few more photos taken during the build:

We have also added a few 'finishing touches' to our existing schools at Leap and Koh Sangdyke. There was just enough money left in the kitty to install swings and slides. And as you can see from the following thumbnail photos - they've proved rather popular!


Meanwhile here are a few photos of past building work; starting with our first school at Leap Village constructed during 2010.

And some of Koh Sangdyke in 2011...

Thoeun's Trust has been entered into the UK Register of Charities as Registered Charity No. 1133443. We hope this will ultimately enable us to use the Gift Aid Scheme under which we can claim back basic rate tax on all UK donations.