Thoeun's Trust makes direct grants to educational and youth projects agreed by the Trustees. But our aim is to match, and ideally exceed, those grants through fund raising. In this we are fortunate to have a worldwide network of good friends who are ready to contribute their ideas, time and expertise. We can therefore look forward to some interesting and off-beat events.

We appreciate that raising money for charity takes time. Money, as they say, doesn't grow on trees or even in collecting boxes. So with the help of a generous donation from Australia, the Trust made a direct grant in two phases to cover the building costs of Leap Village school.

During the year 2010-2011 over 15,000 was raised through donations and fundraising events which covered about half the construction cost at Koh Sangdyke.

The villagers who offered to donate land for Leap School with some of its future pupils.

Leap Village before the school was built.